What's Sprout & Spice?

From the start, the seasoning of a meal has been an integral part of my cooking process. It began with an old, probably expired canister of Herbes de Provence that I used to sprinkle on everything that went on the frying pan. Through random experimentation, I discovered spices & herbs paired more beautifully with certain ingredients over others. 


Amid cooking, I'd catch myself wanting to sprinkle a little of this here and a dash there. I longed for a simple and accessible online guide that unearthed the magical food pairing possibilities.

A culinary cheat sheet for the person who plays it fast and loose... where recipes are involved, anyway

So began Sprout & Spice, a consciously curated collection of plant-based food pairings drawn from a variety of references, recipes and in-the-frying pan trial & error.

In the spirit of plant-based cooking, the current collection predominantly focuses on fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs & garnishes with few ingredients that fall outside of those categories. Our intention is to empower you to use plant-based ingredients as the nourishing base of a meal and incorporate spices & herbs to elevate your dish, all done without the use of a recipe.

What's next?

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